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 Cobra Travel Company

was established in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force in Arab Republic of Egypt. * Founded in 2010 with a capital of a million and a half dollars.



* The purpose of the establishment :

-Operation of ground transportation and maritime transport tourists.
-Organized tours collective or individual inside or outside Egypt according to the programs The
specific implementation of the related transfer and the establishment and subsequent services.
- The sale or exchange tickets and facilitate the transfer of luggage and book places on the media Various transport as well as the agency for shipping companies and other transportation companies.
* In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 38 of 1977 , as amended most recently.
* Law No. 209 of 29/3/2009.
* Add Activity and Limousine.
* Company Address towers Osman Aga Khan Corniche El Nil.
  Cobra Travel Company A member of the following international organizations
- International Federation of Travel agents and Tourism.
- Chamber of Travel and Tourism companies.

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